Correcting the food chain by providing technology and support, empowering local farmers and creating sustainable local markets.

Our Solutions

Data Platform

Our operations data management platform monitors our farmers produce from seed to market.

Agronomy Support

Gordios Agronomists provide in depth support and analysis services to farmers.

Brick & Mortar Stores

Gordios Produce stores allow farmers direct access to physical local markets.

Online Store

Our Online Marketplace allows farmers to sell their produce direct to online buyers.

Operations Data Platform

Our Farm Data Management Platform is a free service, allowing farmers to keep records and manage their operations from input purchases to produce sales, enabling our users understand their own operations better. The platform assists farmers in being able to identify areas where they can save more and use less to ultimately run a more profitable and efficient operation.

Agronomy Support

Gordios has a team of agronomists based remotely and on the ground across Africa and Latin America. Our farmers have free access to support from our agronomists who guide and advise users on how to best manage their operation from input purchases to sales. Our agronomy team holds a variety of expertise in crop and horticulture production, and whether you need a question answered or someone to visit your farm, they are on hand to guide you towards running a successful agribusiness.

Brick & Mortar Stores

Gordios Groceries provides fresh, safe produce directly from our farmers to you. Franchise stores are owned by independent persons and run in accordance with Gordios standards. In an effort to reduce the current strain on the environment we are encouraging people to buy more local, in an effort to support local farmers. The shorter our food needs to travel to get to us, the more delicious it is. All produce comes from Gordios certified farmers who farm in accordance with the Global Good Agricultural Practices to ensure the produce you consume is safe and nutritious

Online Store

Our online store offers farm inputs, supplies and fresh produce, providing an all in one market place for farmers to access the tools they need, whilst consumers purchase fresh produce directly from the farmer. Whether you are a large scale farmer and need bulk supplies, or a smaller operator who wants to buy a few items, the marketplace has what you need. For consumers you need not worry about the hassle of purchasing fresh produce anymore, we will deliver your safe, healthy food directly to your door.


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